20 October 2013


 Everyone loves Oreos and according to the paper this week they are addictive, which is totally true. Do you know how hard it is to keep a box of Oreos in your cupboard and not eat them! I have always wanted to make Oreo cupcakes but they have never made it to bake day so this week I came up with a ingenious plan, I bought them an hour before I started baking which meant that they didn't get eaten before hand. 

So here is my recipe for some amazing Oreo cupcakes, enjoy :)

Makes 12
Takes 25-30 minutes to bake

70g unsalted butter
250g casting sugar
175g plain flour
55g cocoa powder
1tbsp baking powder
2 eggs
200ml milk
1/2 tsp salt
12 Oreo biscuits

1. Preheat your oven to gas mark 4 (180C/350F). Make sure your eggs and butter are at room temperature.
 2. Place your cupcake cases in a tin and place one Oreo in each case at the bottom.
 3. Cream together your butter and sugar until smooth.
 4. Sift together your plain flour, baking powder, cocoa powder and salt.
 5. Add to your butter mixture and using you hands make into crumbs.
 6. In a separate bowl whisk together your eggs and milk.
 7. Add to your crumbs and mix through until lovely and fluffy, don't over mix as this beats out all the air to help it rise.
 8. Fill your cases to 3/4 and then hit the tray on the counter, this is so that the mixture touches the bottom and covers the Oreo.

 9. Place in the oven for 25 -30 minutes until risen and cooked through. Leave to cool.

230g butter
440g icing sugar
1tbsp vanilla extract
4 Oreos
1 tbsp milk

 1. Mix together your butter and icing sugar until smooth.
 2. Crush your Oreo biscuits, I used a grinder so it turned into fine powder. Mix into your icing.
3. Make sure it is all mixed through and then either spread onto of your cupcakes or use an icing bag. 

I hope you enjoy my recipe, let me know what you think :)

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