18 September 2013


 Being from Wales of course I love good old Welsh Cakes, they are perfect to nibble on, and easy and quick to make. In Wales Welsh cakes are sold everywhere, being a classic that almost everyone loves. So I thought I would share some of my culture with you guys and give you a recipe that I use quite a lot.

1 egg
200g self-raising flour
110g unsalted butter
80g casting sugar
80g sultanas and mixed peel
milk if needed
Makes 8
Takes 3 minutes to bake

 1. Sift your flour into a bowl.
 2. Rub in your butter to form bread crumbs.
 3. Like this.
 4. Add your sultanas and sugar.
 5. Mix through and form it into a dough, if to hard add some milk.
 6. Turn the dough onto a floured surface and role out.
 7. It should be about 5mm thick.
 8. Use a round cutter or a mug to make circles.
 9. Melt some butter in a pan and place your welsh cakes in, after 2 minutes turn over (if brown). When both sides are brown remove and leave to cool.
 10. When a Welsh cake is brown on both sides it still looks uncooked in the middle, don't worry when it cools it slowly cooks and hardens.
 11. Brush with melted butter and coat in sugar.
12. There you have some yummy Welsh cakes perfect for nibbling.Try a piece of Welsh culture. Share and comment all feed back is appreciated. Diolch yn fawr (Thank you) :)

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