8 July 2013


Currently we are going through a heatwave in Swansea and after sending the day in the sun I was craving chocolate. But as it was boiling hot cooking with chocolate would have been disastrous and it would have got everywhere! 
I decided to give this yummy marble loaf a go, it is perfect for any occasion, as it's easy to make and has a soft light sponge. The contrast between the chocolate batter and the vanilla cake batter is amazing and perfect to stop my cravings.

Serves 8-10 (depending on how piggish you are feeling)
Takes 45-50 minutes to bake.
You will need a Loaf tin.

150g self-raising flour
175g unsalted butter (extra for greasing)
175g Caster Sugar
3 eggs
1tsp Vanilla extract
1tsp Baking powder
25g Cocoa powder


1. Before you begin preheated to gas mark 4 (180C/350F) and always make sure that your eggs and butter are at room temperature otherwise your cake wont turn out as well. Line the bottom of your loaf tin with baking paper as it makes it easier to remove and grease the sides with butter.

2. Place your butter and sugar in a bowl and whisk until light and fluffy. I used an electric whisk on medium speed for around 2 minutes but you can hand whisk if you want, it just takes a little bit longer.

3. Now it is time to add your eggs. Add them one at a time ensuring that they are mixed in well before adding the next. Then add the vanilla extract whisking for another 2 minutes.

4. Finally sift in your self-raising flour and baking powder and mix until blending, try not to over mix the mixture.

5. Divide your mixture between two bowls, putting one to the side and sifting the cocoa powder into the other one. Gently fold in the mixture until blended. Now you are left with two batters a chocolate and a vanilla.

6. Place the vanilla batter into the cake tin and then top with the chocolate batter. Use a knife to mix the mixtures together to form a marble effect.

7. Bake in the middle of your oven for 45-50 minutes until a skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool for 10 minutes and then turn out onto a wire rack always remember to remove your baking paper!

And there you have it a yummy Marble Loaf perfect for a hot summers day. Me and my brother had it with some ice cream to cool us down and it was so tasty.

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